EJC The Creative

As an artistically-inclined child, I have always had an eye for creativity and an insatiable desire for beautiful things. As an adult, I've developed a deeper love for fun(ctional) art — pieces that can be utilized but also bring us joy and comfort. The concept for EJC Creative was really born out of my unwillingness to settle for boring everyday items. (I meannnn if I'm going to buy a spoon — I'm going to buy a SPOON! No basic spoons allowed, #sorrynotsorry.)

Whenever we have guests in our home, they comment on all the unique items we've gathered over the years. Our collection includes pieces that I've created myself as an artist as well as items that we've purchased from other talented artisans. I enjoy a beautiful painting as much as the next collector (trust me, our walls are adorned with them)...but, for me, art will never be limited to a canvas.

So, welcome to EJC Creative. I truly hope you enjoy shopping with us.